Which Types Of Software Development (Waterfall / Agile) And Which Types Of Software (Business SW, Consumer Apps, IoT Applications, etc.) Are Particularly Susceptible To Errors, And Which Are More Robust?

Safety-critical software, which is mostly found in embedded systems, is subject to strict quality requirements by standards and specifications regarding static code analysis and the required code coverage. Software in the aerospace industry (the first version of the DO-178 standard was already established in the 1980s) and now also in the automotive sector can be described as extremely robust. In the meantime, we also have numerous customers from “non-safety-critical areas” who have recognized the commercial benefits of good software. A special feature of IoT applications is that software that was previously not accessible from the outside is now exposed to the risk of hacker attacks due to its connection to the Internet. In addition to functional security, attack security is now an important issue. 

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