Software Safety, Quality and Security in the Automotive Industry

Author: Céline Lüdtke, Sales and Marketing Assistant (Verifysoft Technology) Safety-critical software for applications in the automotive-industry must be developed with the greatest care and quality. The share of software in vehicles is increasing annually. Because of the high risk of injury and death, the requirements for software development in the automotive industry are enormously high.Continue reading “Software Safety, Quality and Security in the Automotive Industry”

What are n-Day and 0-Day Vulnerabilities?

Author: Royd Lüdtke, Director Director Static Code Analysis Tools (Verifysoft Technology) In papers about security vulnerabilities in software applications, the terms 0-day and n-day vulnerabilities are often used. What do they mean? The following allegory may help to explain: Let’s assume you have installed burglar-proof windows in your house. By chance, you now discover thatContinue reading “What are n-Day and 0-Day Vulnerabilities?”

How Can I Improve My Software Security?

Software security in software development, especially considering the challenges it is currently facing (read article), must be prioritised. Thus, the ultimate goal must be to develop these systems already with a maximum of security and to detect errors as early as possible within the Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC). The standard procedure would be to conductContinue reading “How Can I Improve My Software Security?”

What are the challenges software security is facing today?

In the medical imaging sector, 83 percent of all devices run with operating systems which do not receive any support. 98 percent of the data traffic from IoT devices is not encrypted and 57 percent of all IoT devices are susceptible to severe and moderate attacks. This is the result of an analysis of 1.2Continue reading “What are the challenges software security is facing today?”